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Business IT Services Townsville

Our team at Re-Boot IT Solutions offers a range of IT services and expert IT support to residents in Townsville and beyond. As one of the most trusted IT support companies in the region, we take our customer service seriously and aim to meet the requests of all our clients. When you come to our team for IT services or IT support, you can be confident in knowing that you are receiving high quality assistance from a skilled and experienced group of professionals.

Here’s what you can expect from us, as one of the most reputable IT support companies around:

Let us provide IT support to your business

If you are a small or medium-sized business in need of IT support or services, Re-Boot IT Solutions may be the solution you are searching for. We would love to work with you, so call (07) 4755 1503 or email info@re-boot.com.au and see for yourself what sets us apart from other IT support companies.

IT Service FAQs

What types of IT services do you provide?

We offer a wide range of IT services, including server setup, network deployments and upgrades and managed IT services. We also provide IT support for medical and dental practices. Whether you are a small or medium sized business, we can provide on demand or fixed cost IT support.

Do you offer IT support for small and medium-sized businesses?

Yes, we do. Re-Boot IT Solutions specialises in providing IT support for small and medium-sized businesses in Townsville. We understand the unique challenges faced by businesses of this size and can provide tailored IT solutions to meet your needs.

Do you offer fixed cost services?

Yes, we certainly do. Re-Boot IT Solutions provides managed IT services at a fixed cost. This means you receive unlimited support, both onsite and remotely, at a predetermined price, with no hidden charges. It is a cost-effective solution for managing your IT requirements.

Can you assist with network deployments and upgrades?

Absolutely! If you are launching a new venture or looking to grow your current business, Re-Boot IT Solutions is your go-to. We are equipped to roll out a fresh network or enhance your existing network and systems, ensuring your IT setup aligns perfectly with your business requirements.

Can you provide IT support for medical and dental practices?

Yes, indeed. If you are setting up a new medical or dental practice or considering switching your current IT service provider, Re-Boot IT Solutions is an excellent choice. We have a wealth of experience in delivering IT support to the medical and dental sectors.

I am starting up a new business. Can you help me set up my IT infrastructure?

Absolutely! If you are in the process of launching a new business, we can assist you in deploying a new network and establishing your IT systems. We have expertise in designing and implementing Microsoft based server solutions for both small and medium-sized networks.

What are Managed IT Services?

At Re-Boot IT Solutions we offer Managed IT Services, a comprehensive solution where we take on the responsibility of managing a defined set of IT services for our clients. This is provided at a fixed cost, which includes unlimited support both remotely and onsite, with no hidden charges. This allows you to concentrate on your core business while we handle your IT needs.

Do you provide remote IT support?

Yes, we do. At Re-Boot IT Solutions, we recognise that IT issues can crop up unexpectedly. That is why we offer IT support both onsite and remotely, ensuring we are available to assist when you need us most.

What measures do you take to ensure data security?

As a professional IT service provider, Re-Boot IT Solutions can implement a variety of strategies to safeguard your data, including firewalls, various levels of encryption and regular backups. If you want to know more about how we can improve your data security, contact our team directly.

Can you help us plan and manage IT for future business growth?

Yes, we can. Whether you are planning to expand your business or you’re simply preparing for future growth, Re-Boot IT Solutions can provide the IT support you need. We can assist with network deployments and upgrades, ensuring your IT infrastructure is ready to support your business as it grows.

How quickly can you respond to IT issues?

At Re-Boot IT Solutions, we pride ourselves on our prompt response to IT issues. We understand that any downtime can be costly for your business, which is why we strive to resolve issues as quickly as possible. If you need an IT issue solved quick, contact us directly on (07) 4755 1503.

Contact Us Today For Apple Computer and Macbook Repairs

If you have an Apple Mac Computer that requires urgent repairs, reach out to our team. Call us on (07) 4755 1503 or send an email to info@re-boot.com.au.

Trusted by These Local Businesses
  • No not really - it was a real surprise at how quickly we had a technician out to have a look at the problem. He was extremely helpful, professional and courteous at all times. Would definitely recommend your services again!
    Sam R
  • Unlike a lot of technicians that charge by the hour, he did not waste time in an effort to charge us more. He got in, got the job done, explained what he had done and why and we couldn't have been more impressed. I have already referred you to a few business associates.
    Leah E
  • That the tech was very courteous and was very thorough in diagnosing my issue. It left me with a confident feeling that my issue would be resolved. i was also appreciative that he found something missing on my machine and he took the time to reinstall that as well. Overall a job well done.
    Sara L
  • Excellent services and knowledge of what I wanted to do with my Mac system.
    Kerry M
  • Everything was fixed and all my questions were answered. Very helpful - I am a very happy customer.
    Jay H
  • No. I'm very happy with the service- our tech was fantastic and very helpful.
    Ian R
  • Nothing that I can suggest at this time, everything went very well thanks.
    Aaron S
  • Fast, reliable service, very responsive to our issues and requirements.
    Mitchelle A
  • Fast service, complete satisfaction.
    Tegan C
  • Very prompt and i was kept informed throughout.
    Sue A
  • Great service! Thanks.
    Christina S
  • As this was my first contact with your company I was very satisfied.
    Rebecca T
  • Great, professional, knowledgeable service. Thanks!
    Brain T
  • I was very grateful and satisfied thank u for your prompt response.
    Kym F
  • The Young man who fixed our computers was excellent. He was polite, obliging, efficient, and friendly. I would definitely use your service again and I would recommend it to anyone. Many thanks.
    Ayako K
  • Your service is very efficient and excellent! One might pay a little more but its well worth it, you get excellent value for money! THANKS AND CONTINUE THE GOOD WORK!!!
    Travis M
  • That they are prompt and know what they are doing and that they fixed my computer. I would definately recommend them to all my friends.
    Jaosn B
  • Nothing that I can think of. The whole experience was painless and stress free, and for a technophobe like me, that's all you can ask for.
    Robert C