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581 Ross River Road, Kirwan, QLD-4817 (07) 4755 1503
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Townsville’s Best Computer Parts Store

Re-Boot IT Solutions is completely dedicated to providing customers with outstanding IT services and the best performance hardware on offer. At our computer parts store in Townsville, we sell a range of PC hardware at competitive prices to allow you to build a computer part by part instead of buying one out right. This way is technically cheaper and gives you more control over the mechanics of the technology.

Whether you want to buy computer parts for a gaming rig or office system, we have something to suit all needs and match all technology requests. You can spend hours browsing the computer store and unlike other computer shops, we are focused on allowing customers to create the PC of their dreams without the hefty price tag. 

What parts do we sell for your computer?

Our computer store is renowned for not only our extensive range of products, but also our excellent customer service. Our trained sales team will make sure you are not paying for unnecessary computer parts and can help you lay out the foundation of your PC system. While the technical support staff can help detect and diagnose issues with your current hardware and suggest solutions to help get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

The PC systems we offer are not available in other computer shops and are therefore what make us unique. Some of the products we sell include monitors, mother boards, mouses and mouse pads, keyboards, hard drives and much more.

Browse our computer shop

Whether you are a keen gamer who wants to build your PC system from the ground up or need a few computer parts to fix your home office system, our computer store is your one-stop shop. Browse our products or drop by the store and speak to one our staff members to experience why the Re-Boot IT Solutions computer store is one of the best computer shops around.


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