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Google Ad Words

At Re-boot Web Studio, we provide some of the most comprehensible services when it comes to Google Ad Words. We have a team of experts that are extremely proficient in SEO and Adwords and know how to find the perfect keywords that are the most relevant to what your target audience will need. As a result, we can essentially anticipate your needs because you or your consumer audience can.

Why Google Adwords?

If you own a business or are in the business of selling a bunch of products online, then Google Ad Words are your best friends. Google Adwords are basically a service that helps you with your advertising needs online and since everything is going digital these days, an advertising campaign online can be more effective than any other ad campaign that you can come up with. Basically, if you’ve ever searched anything online, which you probably have, then you’ll know what Google Ad Words are. These are essentially those little text based ads that show up either at the bottom, the side, the middle or the top of the search engine page. When you click on these ads, they take you to a relevant website that’s basically paying for these ads and then you can go and buy their products as per your needs. These ads are built in a way that helps them connect to the search queries by a user, even if the search queries are a little vague. So, for instance, if you look for “running shoes women” you might come across a Nike ad or an Adidas ad that’s telling you about their shoes.

What are the benefits of using Adwords from a lead generation point of view?

Adwords are a great way to generate more leads by determining what consumers are looking for brands or products similar to yours. These is because when a consumer clicks on your link or the ad, the IP address of their computer gets traded and they will then be presented with other similar ads sent out by your brand or buy your product.

What are 'allowed keywords' and how to they affect me?

Learning that Adwords was a hit with the advertising community, Google decided to sell certain keywords to brands if they are pertinent to the brands. As a result, the keyword becomes relevant only to them, making it much easier for them to pull in more target consumers every day.

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